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Considering a Career Change? 4 Professions That Transition Well to CTi Dealership Owners

CTi hears from a lot of prospective franchise owners who are looking to make a change. They want to make more money. They want more work-life balance. They want to be their own boss. And sometimes they want to change industries.

The CTi business model is ideal for making all of these changes and achieving your goals. However, while change is good, it can also be challenging. We have seen people from many different professions successfully transition to CTi dealership owners, such as airline pilots, teachers, bankers, truck drivers, and computer programmers. But some professionals seem best suited to our line of work.

Anyone with the drive and training to be a decorative concrete business owner can be a successful CTi dealership owner, but these following professions seem to transition exceptionally well into the role.

1. Concrete and Coatings Professionals

Anyone who has professionally worked with concrete or concrete coatings before has a small advantage in transitioning into a CTi dealership owner. While we recognize that most people don’t become a dealer because they have a passion for concrete and cement coatings, experience in these industries makes the transition easier.

Part of becoming a CTi dealership owner is training to perform our concrete restoration services, and most dealers do some of the work themselves when first starting. If you have done concrete or coating application jobs before, you will be in your element with CTi. In fact, our founder Kevin was inspired to start CTi after growing frustrated with inferior quality pool deck coatings and creating his own products.

Whether you have laid, sealed, or resurfaced concrete before, working with CTi’s products will be a natural fit for you.

2. Home Improvement Contractors

Similar to concrete professionals, home improvement contractors of all types transition well to becoming at CTi dealership owner. If you have done any kind of home building, renovations, repairs, landscaping, or similar work, you will have valuable experience working with clients at their homes that translates well to concrete restoration.

These kinds of professionals gain valuable skills in communicating with clients, performing quality work, project management, keeping worksites clean, and problem-solving--all necessary talents to be a successful CTi dealership owner!

3. Small Business Owners

No matter what kind of business you have owned before, it’s easy to transition to owning a CTi dealership.

Our products are so simple to use that few people struggle with learning how to do so. Business operations, however, can be a challenge for new dealers who have never been their own boss before.

Having business experience puts you ahead of the game. You already know what it takes to strategize, manage your finances, and market yourself. Our business model and training are a breeze for former entrepreneurs who are already comfortable in the business owner role. If you have owned a business before, you’ll be able to skip through some of the new dealer headaches and focus on growing and developing your franchise faster.

4. Vocational School Grads

This is a broad category, but we love partnering with new dealers who have backgrounds in the many industries where vocational school grads work. These are people who excel in training, like to be up and busy all day on the job, and often want to start their own businesses.

Many vocational school courses are for service industries, so grads gain valuable customer service experience that applies to owning a CTi dealership. Some of those industries are of the get-your-hands-dirty variety, too, just like concrete restoration. We love working with new dealers with different work backgrounds, but some of our most successful dealership owners have a vocational school degree on their resumes.

CTi’s training and business model are designed to help anyone succeed as a CTi dealership owner, but some professions transition especially well into the job of a dealer. If you have one of these backgrounds or similar work experience and are looking for a change that lets you achieve new goals, starting your own decorative concrete business may be right for you.

To find out more about starting your own lucrative concrete restoration business, contact CTi today.