6 Ways to Know If Starting a CTi Decorative Concrete Business Is Right for You

How do you know if starting a CTi business is right for you?

This is a question all of our CTi franchise owners ask themselves at some point. Most know what they want from owning their own business. They just aren’t sure if a CTi franchise model is the right fit.

If this question has been on your mind, ask yourself these 6 other questions, and if your answers are yes, then we want to hear from you and get you started on your path to concrete business ownership!

1. Are you ready to be your own boss?

Are you ready to be in charge of your work schedule, salary, and success without answering to a superior? If you are ready to start a career where you call the shots, then you might be an ideal CTi dealer candidate.

Even though you will be using our products, your franchise is your business. You get to pick the name, run it as your own, and keep all of your profits. You don’t even pay franchise fees. While CTi trains you in our franchise business model and continues to lend support, you are still the boss.

2. Do you have the capital to invest?

It takes money to start any business. Luckily, starting a CTi franchise is relatively low-cost and has a quick return on investment.

A CTi dealership can be purchased for as little as $5,000, with turnkey packages as low as $9,500. That money goes to stocking inventory, marketing materials, and your tools and equipment so that you can jump straight into work. Best of all, you’ll see positive cash flow within months instead of years!

3. Do you want to work from home?

Different people thrive in various work environments. If you want a home-based business, a CTi franchise is perfect for you. You don’t need a storefront or build-out. You can take phone calls and manage your dealership from the comfort of your home when you aren’t out doing a job for clients.

4. Do you have time to devote to your business every day?

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but CTi suggests working on your business every day to maximize your success. Even if it’s just talking to one lead or updating content on your social media accounts, investing a little time each day keeps up your momentum and moves you towards success. If you can’t make this kind of time commitment, starting a CTi franchise may not be the best fit right now.

5. Are you willing to follow a proven system?

Some entrepreneurs love the thrill of creating a new kind of business, and that’s great. But if you’re looking for a small business with a quick return on investment and fast learning curve, nothing is easier than becoming a CTi franchise owner.

Our proven system is designed to “plug in” new dealers and get them set up with their own businesses quickly and easily. We train you on how to restore concrete with our quality products, give you an established business model to follow, and offer ongoing support. Our dealership packages give you all the tools, from marketing advice to physical equipment, that you need to operate.

Let other entrepreneurs reinvent the wheel. If you want to skip the drawing board and jump into a business that comes ready-made and proven to work, you’ll love being a CTi franchise owner.

6. Do you like flexibility?

We can’t stress enough how easy our system makes owning a CTi dealership. The training you receive minimizes the number of unexpected challenges you face as a new business owner. However, this training doesn’t mean you don’t get to make your own business decisions.

When you start, you choose your hours. Some of our dealers have other jobs and perform concrete restoration jobs on the weekends. Others dive right in full-time. Some dealers employ one to three employees to help with the work and keep labor costs low while others expand their labor force to accommodate more jobs.

While we offer financial advice, you get to set your prices to meet your personal profit goals. You get to decide how many jobs you’ll take on to support your goals. Ultimately, how you run your business is up to you. But with our guidance, you’ll know how to make the right business decisions to increase your profits and create the life you want.

Did you answer “Yes” for any of these questions? Great! If you’re ready to start a successful CTi business, contact CTi today, and one of our dealer advisors will soon be in touch.