CTi offers ongoing training and marketing benefits…


In order to start a successful home business you need a steady stream of interested customers.

The initial start up phase is one of the most crucial in an effort to start a home business.
CTi puts its marketing plan together with a 90-day success DVD that shows you how to put everything in place during your first months of operation. This coupled with our ongoing support and training means CTi provides one of the quickest returns on your investment in the marketplace today.
Your business grows more quickly when your customers understand how your products fill their needs. CTi provides extensive training in how to understand your customer’s needs and more importantly how to present the CTI product line in a way where the customer will understand how those products fill their needs.
Once your customers decide on CTi, your own home business start up truly begins to shine.
Our proven product line has been installed on over 130 million square feet of concrete around the globe since 1991. Your business will receive award-winning training on the application of the CTi product line along with the science of concrete restoration. All this means satisfied customers who will ultimately provide that all important “word of mouth” advertising for your business that will help it reach new heights.
Your business growth will include effectively using the cash that comes from the ongoing sales. CTi provides training on how to use your ongoing sales to effectively grow your business and create a strong organization.
Effective growth means your organization will be stable, and provide a handsome income for you and your family for years to come.
Low start up costs and no royalties or franchise fees means that you will keep 100% of the money your business earns.
Exceptional profit margins means CTI Dealers make money and have margins to grow their business. CTi offers one of the world’s best low cost business startups.

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