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Concrete Technology Inc. (CTi)



Our mission is to make a positive difference in the industry and to empower entrepreneurs with the resources needed for their small business to start changing the world of concrete as we know it.

CTI started providing their coatings in 1991
CTI’s business philosophy has always been to provide the highest quality coatings available, coupled with in-depth initial training and ongoing support. To distribute their products and provide service to the public, CTI looked for qualified people across the country who wanted to establish their own small businesses to start representing the CTI product line. CTI found an overwhelming acceptance of its products and the business began with a jump start, exploding onto the scene in its early years. By the end of 1996, CTI had blossomed to over 200 Dealers nationwide with representation in 10 countries. In 1997, with over 400 Dealers across the United States and representation in a number of foreign countries, CTI was honored by INC Magazine with its “INC 500″ designation, as one of America’s fastest growing, privately held companies.

One of the keys to CTI’s huge acceptance is their product’s ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions.
Whether it’s sub-zero temperatures in Alberta, Canada, or heat in excess of 100 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona, the CTI System is designed to withstand those extremes, while providing a beautiful, durable finish to surfaces such as driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways and commercial areas.
CTI prides itself on being the leader of the acrylic cement coatings industry. In addition, CTI has established a network of the finest trained Dealers in the market today. Our Dealers operate small, easy to start businesses across the world and pride themselves on providing their customers with the highest quality products available, applied through the finest installations possible.
With more than 130-Million square feet installed world-wide, the future of CTI is becoming more exciting each day.
As CTI coatings have become more well known by both the general public and property developers, their acceptance has increased geometrically. The wave of the future in concrete surfaces is customers demanding more decorative looks for areas that were once accepted as mundane. Mr. Rosenberger has been quoted as saying “We’re not waiting for the industry to shape itself, we’re looking to shape the industry.” And shape the industry we have. CTI has not only brought the public a product that customers are truly delighted with, it has also provided a vehicle for entrepreneurs to realize the vision of having their own small business to start. With the CTI business model, start up money that once filled the pockets of franchisers can now be put toward product inventory, marketing, and business development. Additionally, subjects of prime importance to business startups such as organization, customer development and cash flow are all covered during initial training.
The CTI business model is one that virtually insures the success of a small startup business.
And, by staying true to our initial vision of unbridled quality, in-depth training and 24/7 support, we have assisted literally hundreds of small business owners in realizing their dreams.

Start a Concrete Business with the Easiest Business to Start!

CTi has been helping small business people like you succeed for more than 26 years. 
We provide all the tools to quickly get started without charging franchise fees, royalties or other costs.
That means you will keep 100% of the money your business earns. 
We ensure your start-up business is a success!